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United Hellenic Voters of America Endorses the Entire Neighbors for Wayne Township Team

Thank you to the United Hellenic Voters of America for their endorsement of the ENTIRE Neighbors for Wayne Township team! Supervisor Randy Ramey, Township Clerk Brandi Fike Ramundo, Township Assessor Michel Musson, Janusz Jarmula for Highway Commissioner, and for Township Trustee: Mark Hoyert, Jackie Hayden, William " Bump" Waghorne, and Paul Hempel.

We are honored!

The Supreme Board of the United Hellenic Voters of America has endorsed the following candidates running for local, state, and national elections below. UHVA’s National Supreme Board Members gather to hear the candidates speak, conduct their own personal research, and vote on each candidate. UHVA does not utilize party as a criteria for the endorsement as the grass roots of our organization stands on the platform of non-partisanship. Our motto is “People. Not Party.” UHVA serves as the central hub between the Greek-American Community and the politicians and provide our community with perspective candidates that will lead our state and nation into success and stability.

These endorsements are based on the following criteria, along with the Board’s personal research of each candidate: 1. Qualifications in position being sought or currently held 2. Number of years and experience in position being sought or currently held 3. If candidate running for re-election, what changes have they currently made that has made a positive impact on our community, state, nation, and/or Greece? If candidate is running for position for the first time, what has this candidate done for their community and how do they plan on utilizing their candidacy should they be elected in bettering the community, state, nation and/or Greece. 4. Candidate’s position with respect to current social and economic issues affecting the State of Illinois, the U.S., and Greece. 5. Candidate’s knowledge of the Greek-American society in Illinois, nationwide, and in Greece 6. Candidate’s ability to understand the current socio-economic issues affecting the American people. 7. Candidate’s endorsement session presentation quality



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