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Republican Elected Officials

Get to Know Who Represents You

DuPage County


Jim Zay

DuPage County Board

District 6

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Known as a strong, independent voice on the DuPage County Board, Jim has held the line on taxes, enhanced public safety, reduced the size of county government (while maintaining services), enacted tough ethics reforms and improved infrastructure.

Wayne Township

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William "Bump" Waghorne

Wayne Township Trustee


Jackie Hayden

Wayne Township Trustee

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Mark Hoyert

Wayne Township Trustee


Randy Ramey

Wayne Township


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Brandi Ramundo

Wayne Township



Michael Musson

Wayne Township


DuPage County Forest Preserve


Al Murphy

DuPage County Forest Preserve Commissioner

District 6

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As a lifelong resident of DuPage County and an avid outdoorsman, Al Murphy has a keen interest in the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. He believes his passion to make green space available and accessible, as well as his political and business experience, have prepared him to serve on the District’s Board of Commissioners.

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