Yes, defund the police......

**Post Submitted by: Jerry Marchese**

To add to your aggravation with today’s sad society and always remember….BLACK LIVES MATTER and DEFUND THE POLICE…. That Law Enforcement officer is someone’s daughter, wife, family or friend doing her sworn duty as an officer of the law.  If the entire Nation would see this, how many in today’s society would give a rat’s ass?  Answer, not as many as it was several years ago in once was a real America with a true American spirit. And, for further aggravation for your being…now and in the future….check out the supposed ‘platform’ for the Democrat Convention that will include, among other items, reparation to Blacks for past slavery (were any of today’s Blacks enslaved?), Defunding or abolishing the Police, abolishing the right to work law now in place, Medicare for all, 12 weeks of family and medical leave, abolishing ICE, promoting the Green New Deal, $15 minimum wage to be enacted upon immediately, higher taxes on wealthier Americans (you know, those who have worked very hard to get were they are), Affordable Care Act to illegal immigrants and DACA people), reverse ALL Trump’s immigration policies, free meal programs for all K-12 schools, tripling Title 1 funding, grants for all historically black colleges and universities with Community Colleges tuition free, forgiveness up to $50K in student debt, and so much more. Welcome to Beijing, Moscow, Havana, North Korea and now the new USA….. Over my cold corpse……   - Jerry Marchese


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