November Meeting Update & Election Results

For those of you who attend WTRO meetings as guests, the November meeting is only open to PCs (due to gathering limitations and we will be formalizing the Dec.1st. Wayne Township GOP Caucus rules).  Any December meetings or events will depend upon the same COVID restrictions but we will keep you informed. 

I have refrained from sending congratulations or condolences for the Nov. 3rd election results.  If you are a candidate, please don't feel slighted.  Outcomes are still fluid (see the Saturday night ballot drop), some races are close and I hope that all options to validate results are being considered.  That said, I know that everyone worked hard in their roles.  No one needs to hang their head.

The left has claimed victory but, of course, they aren't satisfied.  Officials with vast power are calling for people with differing ideas to be placed on "lists".  Questioning the legitimacy of the voting system is now a conspiracy.  Never mind that some are still questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 and 2018 elections.  Social media is full of comments about people on the right "crying".  I have spoken with friends, neighbors and acquaintances over the past few days who are upset over the national, state and local results.  So, I would like to share with you some ideas that I have have shared with them. 

With a few exceptions of your choice, turn the television off.  

Evidence is required to be presented to a court of law.  It is not required to be presented to the press, a journalist, a family member, a neighbor or a co-worker.  

The 2000 election was settled on Dec. 12th.

No matter what the New York Times says, the press does not determine the winners of these races.

Never let them see you cry.  Keep that within your own four walls.  Talk to someone you trust in private,  but please don't publicly behave like we have seen others behave over the past 4 years. Put a smile on your face

And, always remember that the best revenge is living well.

I hope that each of you has a very blessed day today.

Renée Suwanski



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