An open letter to Illinois State Representative Karina Villa (IL 49th District):

By: Jackie Hayden

On April 3rd, myself along with 500 other individuals (many from your district) spent the day in Springfield for “Topic Day”. As I look at this picture from that day I'm in awestruck. I can't comprehend that a woman of your caliber, can hold hands with Nuns, pray in front of Michael Madigan's Office and discuss the Reproductive Health Act. I know that we were rushed a bit, but you lead some of these people to believe that you were going to give them hope. If anything, you said you would get back to them. Which means to me, that you would be communicating.

Now here we are at the proverbial deadline. The end of the regular session is around the corner for the House and Senate. Taxes are at the main helm, but do you really think we're ignorant enough to see that HSB 2495 is just sitting on the sidelines pretending to be lame? You not only supported and sponsored a bill that has nothing to do with reproductive rights but dare confuse women's rights with ABORTION! Remember, you and every other woman came from the womb. You are taking their right to life away.

Some time has passed since our short visit in Springfield. Since then, visitations have occurred with other State Representatives. Some were not very positive, especially with how they responded. In fact, some responses have made local publications and local news. As for your office, constituents and concerned citizens have tried numerous times to reach out to you, with not so much as an acknowledgement or a reply. You gave these people NOTHING!

WE THE PEOPLE didn't ' VOTE FOR NOTHING! We have supplied your office with information, emails and even presented your assistants with petitions with over 300 witnessed signatures. Again, no response, WE DEMAND ACTION AND A RESPONSE.



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