Happy Birthday American....

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

**Post Submitted by: Jerry Marchese** The day, the Fourth Day of July, was set aside for us to celebrate our attaining the Liberty and Freedom we now enjoy.  I am quite sure, as a fellow Patriot, that this is one of your favorite Holidays.  It certainly is mine. We have endured much in our 244 years….from without…and sadly . . . from within. But, it is up to each of us to continue to endure . . . and so very much to insure . . . that our offspring live in the Freedom we have enjoyed in our lifetime.  I have done that, and I absolutely know my girls will continue that effort as well. This is a great video that has been sent to many over the years.  I disagree with one item the narrator mentions, however.  He refers to a ‘colony’ when, in fact during the War of 1812, we were a UNITED STATES.  Let us continue to be sure that our fellow citizens, and yes our enemies from without and within, never forget that we are a UNITED States. Enjoy the Holiday with family and friends and pass this moving video on to many, lest they never forget what true Americans past and present have endured so that we may celebrate this day. This Holiday has been set aside to remind us what we have enjoyed these past 244 years and for all of us to be forever thankful to, and always remember, those who have gone before us to preserve our freedoms. Let us hope and pray that God will continue to Bless these UNITED STATES. - Jerry Marchese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaxGNQE5ZLA&t=6s


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